Petunia, my delicate 1500lb flower.

Petunia, my delicate 1500lb flower.


About Spacepig Press

Hello! I’m Christine, the hands and brain behind Spacepig Press. Spacepig Press is the fruit of many years of dreaming and careful planning, and then several months of frantic work after a snap decision.

In the wake of a cross-country move from Brooklyn to Sacramento, mad with the power of having actual space for a studio, I hatched a plan to flood the world internet with fine letterpress goods.

Having printed as a hobby for many years on small tabletop presses, I leapt on a chance to buy a broken down wreck of a 10x15 C&P and brought her home. Both of us were dirty and dusty, she was full of debris and some busted parts, and I was ecstatic. It took several months of cleaning, oiling, tinkering, more oiling, frantic searching for parts, teamwork, and a little brute force to finally get her fixed up and into the studio.

Despite being personally terrible about sending cards to anyone, ever, I drew on a background in branding and design to craft a line of simple, beautiful (and perhaps overly-honest) greeting cards and stationery.

Spacepig Press also provides custom letterpress printing for social stationery, notecards, invitations, business cards, or tastefully printed passive aggressive notes. Drop me a line and say hello.



We focus on using primarily 100% cotton tree-free and post-consumer recycled paper, re-using as much as possible, and recycling or composting what we can (our tomatoes love that cotton paper). Even the little clear bags we package cards in are plant-based and compostable.